Executive ID - The Look of Success


The way you dress does matter! The timeless adage “You only get once chance to make a first impression” is one that Gracie firmly believes. Why wouldn’t you want to start with an advantage? Taking time for the way you dress and look, conveys a positive message to others.


Whether you are a Business Executive, or just beginning your professional career, your attire is the first item people notice (positive or negative). The proper wardrobe will help you keep your competitive edge, get noticed, and help propel you to the top. As a busy professional, you can achieve the best look for yourself by taking a few simple steps to update your style.


Gracie Bradshaw provides image makeovers, based on improved wardrobe selections, for the true look of success for Houston’s small business executives through the following services:

  • Personal Style Consultation
  • Closet Organization
  • Wardrobe Evaluation
  • Personal Shopping

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